Geolink offers to model regional complex reservoir geometries accurately,  with innovatives applications in rock property modeling adapted for each project.

Rock property from well data are upscaled to 3D structural model (Figure 1), builded from integrated sequence and seismic stratigraphy.

                                                                                                  Wells only with Phie upscaled
                                                                                             Figure 1 : PhiE upscaled on five differents wells



Multiples maps of attributes (Figure 2a) are integrated in order to get a 3D grids (Figure 2b) for conditioning well data.
                                      Figure 2a : Normalised amplitude map                                                          Figure 2b : Normalised amplitude map interpolated in 3D model


 In fine, krigeage is performed with both influence of well data and lateral attribut conditioning (Figure 3). A statistic study is performed beforehand in order to get the finest variogram for realistic approach.  


                                   Figure 3 : 3D result of modeled NsGr by attribut map integration


Both vertical and lateral heterogeneities are modeled despite well input distance (Figure 4) on a regional scale (200x100km).



Figure 4 : Three exemples of PhiE modeled area to observe lateral and vertical heterogeneity despite distance from wells