An extensive experience at the service of Petroleum industry

Geolink offers to the petroleum industry a high-level consulting service in the domain of the integrated sequence and seismic stratigraphy.

Since 1996, Geolink is experienced at combining wireline logs, biostratigraphic data and seismic interpretation, for building high-resolution sequence stratigraphic frameworks in particular reservoir inventories, related to stratigraphic plays.

The company strength lies in its extensive experience in the offshore basins of the North Sea and of the European Atlantic Margin for: AkerGeo Petroleum Service AS, Bayerngas Norge, BG Group, Centrica Energy, ConocoPhillips, DANA Petroleum, ENI, E.On Ruhrgas, Explora Petroleum, Faroe Petroleum, GEOPETROL, GDF Norway, Idemitsu Petroleum Norge, Mobil, Noreco, StatoilHydro, Talisman Energy Norge, PETROCI, RWE-DEA.

We provide to petroleum companies detailed startigraphic studies based upon: 

  • Analysis of well and biostratigraphic data
  • Sequence stratigraphic GIS-database
  • High resolution depositional environment maps supported by wireline log data and seismic interpretation, highlighting Net sand and N/G info at each well-location
  • 2D and 3D Seismic interpretation and regional mapping (Kingdom ®)
  • 3D Seismic interpretation and seismic facies classification (Kingdom ®, Paradigm Stratimagic ®)
  • 3D Seismic reservoir delineation and analysis (Kingdom ®)
  • Stratigraphic visualization and modelling
  • Secured access to the Geolink database through an interactive interface on the new Geolink website :

 On-going studies

  • Southern North Sea: Stratigraphic calibration of more than 100 Norwegian and UK wells, harmonisation of a consistent stratigraphic scheme between Norwegian and UK wells primarily focussing on the Triassic-Jurassic stratigraphy
  • Southern North Sea - Ula Trend:  Structural and stratigraphic framework, depositional environment and seismic calibration of Oxfordian to Volgian reservoir sandstones
  • Northern North Sea: Sequence stratigraphic and depositional study of the Greater Tampen Spur / Marulk Basin areas (Triassic, Jurassic, Lower Cretaceous, Paleocene potential reservoir intervals)
  • Norwegian Sea: Deep Paleozoic and Triassic structures of the Trøndelag Platform - Donna Terrace and Halten Terrace areas
  • Norwegian Sea: Upgrade of regional depositional environment facies maps (Jurassic and Cretaceous times) calibrated to regional seismic interpretation
  • Barents Sea: Regional seismic stratigraphic study (Paleozoic to recent)
  • Barents Sea: Petrophysical interpretation of Geolink well dataset
  • Barents Sea: Digital lithology of Paleozoic to Jurassic sections

On-going Field Trips