The Geolink database is available throughout an interactive interface on the Geolink website and is divided into three area:

Each database is a part of Geolink Norwegian Continental Shelf Project, which is a comprehensive overview of the geology and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Norwegian sector.

This global project is the result of detailed stratigraphic studies based upon:

  • Analysis of well and biostratigraphic data
  • High resolution depositional environment maps supported by wireline log data and seismic interpretation, highlighting Net sand and N/G information
  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and regional mapping (KingdomSuite®)
  • 3D seismic interpretation and seismic facies classification (KingdomSuite®)
  • 3D seismic reservoir delineation and analysis (KingdomSuite®)
  • Stratigraphic visualisation and modeling (JewelSuite®)

Geolink website benefits

  • Personnal account with all your data in an online consultation
  • Direct interactive link to registered wells permanently updated
  • Cross-sections through registered wells
  • Interactive maps with various data (Net Sand, isochore information) for all interpreted wells
  • All cross-sections and well data accessible as pdf files
  • All maps (Facies, Structure, Isochron) available through a powerfull intercative interface
  • All maps downloadable as .pdf and Shape files
  • Possibility to purchase any of Geolink interpreted wells

Our technical support staff is ready to help you with any problem you might have with using our products and services.

The goal of the Geolink website is to provide a powerfull tool to display, correlate and download your data in the easiest way.